The Darling Band, The Darling Suns

October 21, 2018

The Darling Suns is a five piece band made up of Robert Krause, John Stengel, Sam Rorie, Lindsey Ward, and Nate Olsen. The band has been making music for sometime but they have just released their self titled EP. This band stands out because the intros to their songs are something special. They are very soothing and lead right into an amazing song that has so much meaning, and so easy to relate to. I personally relate to "Willow Tree" because it’s the first song I heard by them and it just drew me in.

Most of the band met in high school but they went a couple years without seeing one another. They eventually ran into each other and made this band. The band only has their self titled EP. The EP came out in August and it’s really great. I think everyone should go listen to it. Most audiences love the EP it’s a journey in to the experiences of the band. Their music kinda gives off an Arctic Monkeys vibe. They are currently playing shows all over Illinois.

This artist stands out in the music scene because they have a sense of purpose to let fans and people in general know that shit happens and you can overcome it. Their music has a way of connecting with people. You all should go listen to The Darling Suns because they are a band you don’t see everyday. You can tell all the hard work that went into the making of the EP, and I’m looking forward to their full length album.




The Darling Suns Spotify



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