Broken Robots "Fourteen to One" Single + Music Video

Rock/hip hop combo Broken Robots recently dropped a new single “Fourteen to One” with a music video to match. This three piece outfit consists of Kat Baker, Tony Baker, and Lonnie Phillips. Based out of Chicago, IL, Broken Robots presents a very unique blend of rock, hip hop, and pop styles through their music. This band is a very strong representation of independent Chicago music.

In terms of the single itself, there are a lot of unique sounds and styles that give a lot of texture and depth. Featuring heavy guitar riffs as well as pop rhythms and turntables, this song flows well and is nice to bop to. It is easy to get stuck in your head, with the repeated line “You could be a the thread and I’ll be the needle.” As a whole, the song gives off an edgy, badass vibe.

The music video only adds to the feeling of this song. Following the band as they travel around Chicago, the storyline of this video leads to a twist ending. I enjoyed the colors and filters used on this video, as it was a nice contrast between the modern sound of the song, and an early 2000s feel visually. This single and music video combo is both nostalgic and original. The style and production of this video is very cool and well done, really showing off the bold style of Broken Robots. You can watch the music video here.

Be sure to check out Broken Robots on social media and stream their music on Spotify, both linked below. We always have great admiration for independent, Chicago-based bands, so we wish Broken Robots the best on their future endeavors!

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