If Walls Could Talk "Because It's Love" Review

Independent alt pop/rock group If Walls Could Talk recently dropped their latest album Because It’s Love, uniquely blending a variety of musical sounds, styles, and influences. Based in Detroit, MI, the band consists of Tony Burke (lead vocals), Nick DiStefano (guitar and vocals), Zack Spoutz (percussion), Whitey (bass/vocals), and Steven Fronrath (keys/vocals).

Each song on this album feels airtight and intentional. While there are a variety of styles and sounds presented, every song works in keeping the album consistent in its bright nature. Because It’s Love is both fun and vibrant, the perfect album to compliment your summer.

The songs on this album that really stood out to me are “Because It’s Love”, “Open Heart”, and “Waystreet Park.” These songs give a taste of the variety presented on the album, and are just a couple of my favorites because they are lively and upbeat.

Opening with an intro that builds into “Because It’s Love”, I could tell immediately what the mood of this album felt like. This opening track sets a hopeful, enthusiastic, “to be young and in love” type of tone, which follows through the entirety of the album. The vocals on this song, and really throughout the album, are expressive and bright, bringing a lot of personality to each track. The use of piano also stood out to me, because it is not always emphasized in alt genres. I think the piano parts add to the carefree feeling this album radiates.

Towards the middle of the album, “Open Heart” reminds me of styles heard from artists like Twenty One Pilots. “Open Heart” relies less on singing and more on speaking/rapping lyrics during the verse. In the chorus, the vocals sung at a higher pitch or in the head voice mirror TOP lead singer Tyler Joseph. I am fond of this song not only because I am a fan of TOP, but also because I think this style allows artists to emphasize certain lyrics and meaning in a different way. The music feels more simplistic, allowing the listener to focus more on the lyrics.

“Waystreet Park” is my favorite song on the album. I love the different musical parts throughout and the way they all blend together, and the overall style is one that I enjoy. It feels like some of my favorite indie songs. When I listened to this song, I was already imagining what it would sound/feel like in a live setting. The echoed “ohs” at the end are a great opportunity for crowd interaction, and this song would create a fun atmosphere at a show.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. I could easily write what I loved about each song, but there’s quite a few, so I left it to my top three. This is one of the most full and interesting albums I have listened to in a while. I’m very impressed with the way each song ties the theme/feeling of love together, and how there is quite a variety in musical style, but the album remains consistent and whole. I can tell If Walls Could Talk is a group of creative, very talented musicians. Links to the band’s social media and music can be found below.




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