"Press Play" on The Blue Grass Group's Latest Album

Homegrown alternative rock trio The Blue Grass Group recently released their second album Press Play. Consisting of Jordan Collier (guitar), Kyle Krawczyk (drums), and Jonas Wald (bass/vocals), the group describes themselves as “three brave men on an epic quest for the true meaning of ‘Blue Grass’’.

InAlternative reviewed the band’s self-titled album last year, so we were excited to hear some new music from The Blue Grass Group. After listening to Press Play, I was once again impressed by the musical talent of this group, as well as their attention to detail and creativity throughout the album. The sound and style is something that I really enjoy on each track, because it’s a great blend of modern and classic rock elements.

The songs on this album that stood out to me the most are “Get Up and (Jam!)”, “The Battlefield”, and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Stars”. Each of these songs brings a different and interesting musical element to the album, and all really impressed me after the first listen. I also want to give recognition to the track “Blue Gräss Cult”, because it is very unique and intriguing.

Opening up the album, “Get Up and (Jam!)” is just a fun song overall, a perfect entry for the album in terms of mood and style. The combination of syncopated rhythms and wailing guitar gives a classic rock feel. The lyrics encourage listeners to get up and feel the music. This song would be great live. It’s danceable, and would certainly get an audience up on their feet.

“The Battlefield” really stood out to me mostly because of its heavy sound. This is a song I can just listen to and appreciate the musical talent in. Each instrument is played in a way that gives off personality, giving a unique take throughout. It doesn’t sound like musicians just playing notes to make a song, it really feels like a collaboration between all three members to create a refreshing rock sound. The heavier side of alternative rock is one that I don’t hear as often anymore, so I appreciate the style of this track.

What really impressed me about “Rock ‘N’ Roll Stars” is the vocals. The type of raspy, gruff vocals heard on this track are also something I don’t hear as often anymore. This is another type of style that appeals to me because I enjoy the heavier aspects of alternative rock. I think the vocals on this track do a great job playing off of the instrumental sound, especially near the end when the song builds to a quick close. I think this song brings a strong end to the album, mirroring the mood of the first track.

“Blue Gräss Cult” wasn’t something I expected to be on the album, but I think it is a really cool, unique addition. In the style of a live recording, this track portrays turning someone over to the “Blue Gräss Cult”. Creating a dark, haunting atmosphere, this is a song unlike anything I’ve heard in recent alternative rock. It reminds me a bit of older Rob Zombie songs. Musically, this song is as good as the others on the album. The way the music builds around the speaking and chants begin near the end, this is a well-done, interesting track.

Overall, I’m very impressed by The Blue Grass Group’s second album Press Play. If you are looking for some music on the heavier side of alt rock, I would definitely recommend checking out this album. Links to the band’s social media and music can be found below.