Broken Robots "Sucker Punch" Single Review

Chicago-based indie pop/rock/hip-hop band Broken Robots recently dropped a new single “Sucker Punch”. Having reviewed their previous single/music video release “Fourteen To One”, we were excited to hear new music from this unique, local trio. Consisting of Kat Baker, Tony Baker, and Lonnie Phillips, Broken Robots produces a textured, homegrown sound with an array of genre influences.

The verses in “Sucker Punch” have a nice flow and beat behind them, giving the song a natural groove. There is a mischievous tone in the lyrics of the first verse, stating, “Brain still wet with fresh regret as I sucker punched the clock,/The familiar scent of blood and sweat was hanging in the air,/For a couple bucks an hour we'll do anything I swear.” These lyrics made me think of mercenary, or hit-man type scenarios. This reminded me of the band’s music video for “Fourteen To One”, which gave off a hard, badass attitude as part of the storyline.

The chorus of this song is catchy and easy to bop to. The repeated line “You know I’ll break my back for you” is easy to get stuck in your head. I really like the guitar in the background of the chorus, especially when it plays the second time and there is an isolated guitar with a clap effect. I think this song overall has a lot of different elements coming together to bring a lot of depth and texture.

Overall, I really enjoy “Sucker Punch” by Broken Robots, and I am excited to see what they continue to produce in the future. If you want to check out Broken Robots’ music or social media and support Chicagoland music, links can be found below.




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