If Walls Could Talk Releases "Open Heart" Music Video

Following the release of their latest album Because It’s Love, independent alt pop/rock band If Walls Could Talk dropped a music video for the song “Open Heart.” The band consists of Tony Burke (lead vocals), Nick DiStefano (guitar and vocals), Zack Spoutz (percussion), Whitey (bass/vocals), and Steven Fronrath (keys/vocals). Produced by Austin Vansen, this video features a variety of cinematic elements that draw in both viewers and listeners, reflecting the song’s lyrics seamlessly.

Opening with a shot panning to Tony reading a book titled “Out Of Your Mind”, this detail sets the tone of the song. “Open Heart” implements a rap/speaking musical style similar to that of Twenty One Pilots. The video allows the viewer to feel like Tony is speaking directly to them.

There is an honest, confessional feeling in lines such as, “I’m not a liar, I’m not lazy/Although I feel like I’m crazy/Please, just listen/And let it set you free from the prison/Man, I hope that one day we can step away/And see the truth that my eyes have seen.” The video continues to include not only the other band members, but a group of people dressed in black.

In this group, there is a variety of ages and appearances. There is a nice shot of Tony on top of the piano, with the group scattered behind him. The next verse breaks from the melodic style of the chorus back to a rap/speaking style. As the group dressed in black seems to face off, arguing with one another, this is broken up by the band.

The lines, “The real motivic motion that motivates every moment comes to fruition with with itself when it realizes it's just one thing:/You” suggest a turning point in the song, which the video follows. As Tony steps down from the piano, everyone surrounds him, seeming to have a new sense of hope. As the song ends, the video pans to an aerial shot to see everyone forming a heart shape.

I think this is a really great video, not only in its production, but also in the emotion and believability from everyone involved. There are some really great shots that not only send an important message, but are also aesthetically pleasing in and of themselves. You should definitely check out the video, as well as If Walls Could Talk’s music and social media. Links are below!

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