The Orphan The Poet are Queens with their new EP "Queen Cobra"

It's no secret that we here at InAlt absolutely adore The Orphan the Poet. Which is why we were beyond excited when we heard the news about the new EP Queen Cobra. The EP consists of four songs, the title song "Queen Cobra", "Headstone", "All Messed Up", and "Birthday". My personal favorite probably has to be "Birthday", but this whole EP slaps. A big congrats to the boys in TOTP for another amazing EP.

The title of the EP is Queen Cobra which is the opening song on the EP. This song starts out with this head bobbing beat, that just draws you in immediately. The whole song remains in this upbeat mood, making you want to do nothing but scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs and dance. This song is the perfect start to the EP, as it draws you in with a killer bass line and makes you want to listen to more. The lyrics are fun and catchy and the sets the mood for the album.

Next on the EP is "Headstone", which slows it down a little bit in the beginning, but sure enough picks it back up to the head bobbing, dance songs that is TOTP. Someone in a group chat of mine said this is the kind of song that reminds them of the popular show Rick and Morty, and I completely agree. The song as song has a calming, hip swaying feel to it. It feels nice and calming to listen to and I love it.

"All Messed Up" is next up on the EP. This song sounds like a song I would love in middle and high school. It feels nostalgic with the bell sounds in the background and the lyrics feel like something I would relate heavily to back in school. I still feel like these are relevant lyrics in my college life. If you want to feel nostalgic of some school days, this song is perfect for that. While it has that nostalgic feel to it, it can still be relevant. At least to me, I think you realize everyone is a little messed up to older we get. It's a bop for sure that I'm sure anyone can relate to at some point.

"Birthday" is my personal favorite. I have waited for so long for this song to finally come out. If you have been to a live show, they play this song every time, with a dedication to David's grandma. I adore this song. It's such a fun, lighthearted bop. Nothing is funnier than playing this song for people and seeing their faces when David says "let's all get naked". It is priceless. Especially when playing this to parents or grandparents. I definitely recommend trying this. It's such a fun song to just sway to and sing. It's lighthearted fun. A definite birthday anthem for the rest of my life.

Overall, this EP is amazing. I love the different feels of each song, each lending to different moods. I definitely recommend that you give this album a listen and sing your hearts out to these songs. TOTP is the perfect band for songs to sing your hearts out to and just have a fantastic time with some good friends. If you want to see them live, they're currently on tour with The Score, the link to their site is below. Their shows are always an amazing time and I recommend going if you're able to! Be sure to check out the EP before you go and enjoy yourself. You will not regret it. Feel free to check out previous articles on TOTP and check out their other music.

"Queen Cobra" EP


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