Padded Walls "Run Amok" Single Review

Baltimore, MD based alternative rock band Padded Walls recently dropped their debut single “Run Amok.” This group consists of Dino Crescenzo, Dylan Greveris, Cooper Wade, and Tommy O'Keefe. Padded Walls is set to release their debut album on January 24th at Baltimore Soundstage. “Run Amok” presents many elements of a great alt rock song: heavy guitar, emotive vocals, and high energy sound guaranteed to get you on your feet.

The song opens with heavy guitar, coupled with crashing drums. While each verse focuses more on drums and vocals, this eventually forms to an exciting, full sound in the chorus. These components especially pick up in the bridge with a fast beat, pounding drums, and killer guitar. I think the sound and pace of this song perfectly matches its title “Run Amok”, as it brings an energetic, rebellious feeling to the listener. If you are a fan of alternative rock, this is a perfect single to put on your playlist.

Based on the great things I’ve heard in this single, I am eager for Padded Walls to release their album later this month. If you liked “Run Amok” and want to get another taste of this band’s style, they also released a single “All Those Things You Couldn’t Say” which is linked below. Please give these songs a listen and follow the band on social media. I am excited to see what they produce in the future.


All Those Things You Couldn't Say