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About Us

InAlternative was founded in the summer of 2017. Demi discovered her passion for attending concerts in Chicago, and wanted a way to document her experiences. For about a year she wrote and published all content on the site, mostly concert and album reviews. In May of 2018, Demi asked her lifelong best friend Cheyenne to be an editor/writer for the blog, and the two have been working together ever since. 


They managed InAlternative consistently for about two years. Between attending shows, writing up articles, marketing on social media, and briefly leading a photography/writing team, they gained a ton of connections in the music scene. Right before Demi and Cheyenne started rebranding the site and logo, COVID-19 caused artists and venues to fall silent. InAlternative was put on pause from March 2020 - January 2023. Now that artists have gotten back on their feet and shows are more safe to attend, Cheyenne and Demi are ready to pick up where they left off. Submissions are back open, and they’re ready to work with artists once again.

Our Team

Headshot of Demi Marshall


Founder, Editor, Writer

Demi works full time as a librarian. She graduated from Valparaiso University with a BA in English. Her articles have been featured in a variety of publications such as Unclear Magazine, Strife Magazine, and VU's newspaper The Torch. She's excited to continue working with artists. 

Headshot of Cheyenne Davey


Editor, Writer

Since InAlternative's hiatus, Cheyenne graduated college and started working at her local library. She now lives with her boyfriend and they have four ferrets together. Her favorite artist is still Pierce The Veil and she has four PTV tattoos.

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