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City of Orchestras "//Untitled & Abandoned" Single Review

Album artwork by Summer Garry

Written by Summer Knite

California project City of Orchestras released their newest music video for the song “//Untitled & Abandoned” just last week. The song was originally released as a bonus track in the band’s 2019 project ANACHRONÆ, and saw massive popularity in a live setting from fans.

Photo credit: Victoria Roman

It’s easy to see why; the song’s familiar lead guitar catches the ear of any listener, and it weaves the different sections of the song together seamlessly. The instrumentation of the song is also incredibly unique, with the climax being a wall of sound from various percussion, guitars, a saxophone, keys, and synths. The track’s simple, yet captivating vocals from frontman Dylan Alexander Freeman use a spacey, layered production style that adds

to the track’s vintage feel. It’s clear why the

song has become a fan favorite, as its structure

and sound is incredibly interesting and unique.

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