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Mellowscape "Killer Mode" Album Review

Written by Summer Knite

Mellowscape is a Pittsburgh punk rock band whose newest album, Killer Mode, released in August of this year. The band fuses elements of 90s grunge, pop punk, and funk to create a unique sound. The songs on Killer Mode are dynamic and fluid, using different sections and feels to create a journey-like experience within each song.

The members of the band lock in with each other perfectly. Each track feels natural; the grooves are exactly where they should be, and each member’s instruments fit right in the pocket of each section. The album can be grooving out or screaming its brains out, and everything always sounds great and unique.

Killer Mode is a fantastic record; it has a strong personality, great instrumentation, and killer writing. Mellowscape is absolutely worth keeping an eye on, and we’re excited to see what they’ll do next.

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