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Killium "Manifesting Flies" Album Review

Written by Demi Marshall

Northwest Indiana-based alternative rock band Killium dropped their highly anticipated album Manifesting Flies today, October 13th, 2023. This concept album sets its sights on themes of hypocrisy, religion, and taking hold of fleeting life. Preceded by their EP A Taste of Flies featuring three cuts from the album, Killium unfolded this new era with a successful release show at Schubas Tavern in Chicago. Comprised of Jonas Wald (vocals/bass), Ryan Manson (guitar), and Kyle Krawczyk (drums), the band has been a trio since 2020. Altogether gloomy and brooding, Manifesting Flies is Killium’s greatest release to date, summoning a distinctive, lurking dark rock style.

After a first listen, my initial takeaway was how incredibly cohesive the album is. While each song is distinct, together they devise a collective mood and tone. There’s a range of sounds and energy on the album. From unbridled, no-stops tracks like “Stark Empty Sky” and “Dirty Rotten (Dirty)” to gradual and contemplative on “Nematoda / A Lamb Must Eat / Jamb” and “All Roads Lead To Salvation,” Manifesting Flies remains compelling from one song to the next.

A word that comes to mind when listening to the album is confidence. It’s clear that the band, both as a whole and in their spotlight moments, has settled into their style, making their performance completely immersive and powerful. This is evident on tracks like “Cold Nose (Or, When Virtue Fails),” where the pace and style is a bit explorative. Wald’s vocals meander with both a relaxed, spoken tone and a bold, dominating rock style. Krawczyk maintains control on drums, driving up wild energy and reeling it back in. Manson unleashes a bombastic guitar solo, a melodic start climbing to an explosive wall of noise.

To celebrate the release of Manifesting Flies, Killium will be playing The Darkroom in Elgin, IL on Saturday, October 14th with The 1-800s, Our Century in Pictures, and Nightfreak. Huge congratulations to the band– Start Friday the 13th off right by streaming this album.

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