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Selina Cifric "Dopamine Train" Single Review

Written by Cheyenne Davey

Selina Cifric is a rock singer-songwriter based in Germany. Selina aims to create a welcoming environment with her music, claiming rock is more than music, it's a feeling. She says rock is about "freedom, independence, doing your thing no matter what others say, chasing dreams and inspiring others to do the same." This thought is exemplified in her latest single. "Dopamine Train" was released on September 15, 2023. The song is about going your own way in life and trusting where life takes you. Selina also said it's about ADHD and following where the dopamine takes you, which many can relate to.

Selina's vocals in "Dopamine Train" are so soothing and low. The use of the lower tone makes it easy to just sing along without trying to belt high notes. It gives a grunge/classic rock vibe. Her vocals definitely give the impression of walking to your own beat by not following the norms of women singers needing to use higher pitches. The instrumentals are so unique for a rock song. They vaguely remind me of country/rock songs, which seem few and far between (at least good ones). Everything about "Dopamine Train" is unique and fun. Selina is absolutely doing something new and creating her own beautiful and unique sound.

"Dopamine Train" is a great song and a good sense of the talent Selina has to offer. She's marching to her beat like she

wanted and it's working out wonderfully.

It allows her to make amazing and unique

music that people can relate to and enjoy.

Selina is sure to be the next big rock hit in

Germany and hopefully abroad.

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