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Sweet Imperfections "Step Into Love" Single Review

Southern California band Sweet Imperfections, led by singer Bri Schillings, released their single "Step Into Love" on Valentine's Day. The song was inspired by a real life fight with Bri's partner. The song is about stepping out of shame and into love. When you're able to move past shame, it allows you to be yourself freely, which lets us love more authentically. It's a song full of emotions, and you can hear it in Bri's dreamy, melodic voice. Her voice reminds me of Miley Cyrus, specifically in her "Jolene" era of raw, passionate vocals.

What I absolutely love about "Step Into Love" is that the song is minimalistic. There's soft, minimal instrumentals that add to the warmth and rawness of the song. It's just background noise so you can focus on Bri's beautiful voice. It feels raw and passionate and beautiful. You can feel the passion since Bri's voice isn't being overshadowed by an intense drum or loud guitar. Gentle strumming is enough to get the point across and still keep your attention. Occasionally the instrumentals will rise in intensity to express a rise in emotion.

Overall, the song is gorgeous, emotional, and freeing. "Step Into Love" is a beautiful single by Sweet Imperfections and showcases Bri's vocal talents well.

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